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About Us


What is the weak pull out gang!?

Weak pullout gang! Is the world's first and only digitally based private club designed just for Dads!


WPOG! Was created as a platform to allow us dads to easily connect, support, unite and bond over the things we are passionate about, our children being the primary and hobbies such as video games being secondary.

All dads are welcomed

Although we started off and still focus on being a dad only gamer club, our mission is to help connect dads (biological, step, adopted, foster). Rather they are dads that are passionate about video games, cooking, gardening, sports, hiking or technology we are all DADS.

We hope all dads find our club as a place of refuge encouragement and positivity.

It's dangerous to go it alone

As dads we tend get focused on providing and caring for our families that we often neglect our own needs to socialize with like minded people. We even will uses excuses like " I don't have time for friends or I feel guilty for not using my down time on my family"

This is not healthy and definitely not how life was meant I be lived.

It is said that, we humans are a social species, tribal by nature. We're given to gathering and communing in familiar groups. “Belonging,” our capacity and need for empathy, compassion and communication, is in our DNA.

The world is a crazy place, it's dangerous to go it alone. Our club of extraordinary and unorthodox dads across the globe are here to unite, support and help one another traverse the wilds of parent hood, finding new friends along the way that not only understand the scheduling audibles in daily adult life but also the demands of being a dad.

There is no manual on how to be the perfect dad. But together, learning from one another we just may be able to make this world a little bit better for our children.

Our vision

To affiliate the weakpulloutgang! brand with the brotherhood of dad.

That every time you see the name rather on a t-shirt, sticker, hat or even gamertag you smile and know with confidence that you are not alone and there are many who also have weakpulloutgang!

- The Gang!

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Meet The Admins 

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